Monday, January 8, 2007

Why am I still like that???

Imagine this:

You tell yourself to do this and that in order to achieve this and that.

But ... but ...

An hour has gone, a day has gone, a week has gone, a month has gone, few months have gone, a year has gone ...

Happy New Year! A new year has arrived.

And why am I still like that?Why am I still so fat? Why am I still so lazy? Why am I still so poor? Why am I still so stubborn? Why am I still so unreasonable? Why am I still so unattractive?

What did I tell myself that I must do? What is my new year's resolution at the beginning of the year? And what I have done to achieve my year's resolution? Now a new year has come and it's time to make another brand new year's resolution? What happened to last year's new year resolution? Is it being shelved aside? Is it being brought forward to this year? Or is it long forgotten?

Do you always have this issue of not achieving what you want to do?

Are you a daydreamer who always do nothing but just to daydream?

If you always have this issue or you do not have this issue, i.e. you always achieved what you want to do,

In this clip, Stephen Pierce will introduce to you on the ways you can achieve success in whatever you want to do. It is a very short clip, only about 5 mins.

Watch the clip and reflect what you always did.

"Is there anyway I can change and further improve on myself?"

"What is the reason of me not achieving what I want to achieve?"

"How come I achieve my end results so much slower? What did I do wrong?"

Hope this clip will benefit you.

Big Cheers to Your Success

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

World Internet Summit - Singapore

Recently, I attended the seminar - World Internet Summit in Singapore and I gave two thumbs up for this seminar

It is an eye opener and very enriching seminar for all the participants.

Speakers - Brett McFall, Jo Han Mok, Ewen Chia and Tom Hua

It is a four day event with 15 speakers and one guest speaker. The speakers include Tom Hua and Brett McFall (They are the partners for this seminar that is held worldwide), Rick Raddatz, Andrew & Daryl Grant, Johan Mok, Matt Bacak, Fabian Lim, Michael Cheney, Ewen Chia, David Cavanagh, Stephen Pierce, Willie Crawford and John Childers.
The Special Guest is none other than Mr Jay Abraham himself - the undoubtedly world famous marketing guru that helped lots of companies to earn millions and billions of money through simple and yet effective marketing strategies.

Jay Abraham gave advices to many CEO's, Entreprenuers, Board of Directors of many MNC's and Fortune 500 companies. Because of his successful strategies to turn many companies around, he charges high consultation fees which sometimes may reach up to $50,ooo. He emphazied a lot on the company's strategy, innovation, marketing and managment. He teaches companies how to maximise leverage and grow and minimise cost at the same time. To find out more about him and learn his creative marketing strategies, read

Jay Abraham - Income-Building Home Study System Package (eBook)
This Famous 'Super-Consultant', Who Charges $5,000 an Hour is Offering You His Business Secrets at a Daring 99% Off, and He'll Pay You - If You're Not Made a Believer.

The Guest Speaker - Mr Jay Abraham

Given the number of speakers presenting in this seminar, this seminar is jam packed with knowledge and skills that help you to start your own online business.

In the seminar, there is a LIVE challenge where Jo Han Mok and Ewen Chia demostrated LIVE on the strategies they used to make money online. At the end of the first day of the seminar, they announced that they are selling an info product on the internet to their customers database and everyday they would check their bank account to show us that money was rolling into their bank account and at the end of the 4th day of the seminar, they had earned around US$65,ooo, without having created the info product yet. Their product is actually a package that includes a teleseminar, ebook, etc. This is how powerful internet marketing can be.

Of course, it is easier said than being done. All these internet marketers also spent a lot of time when they first started out in Internet Marketing but they never give up. After years of studying and changing their strategies, they became very successful and started to see money rolling into their bank account. What makes them successful is because of their determination and their ongoing changing strategies to make their online business works. Therefore, now you can see them earning thousands and thousands of dollars everytime they sell something on the internet and you can do it too. You must follow their successful strategies and put in 1000% effort to make it work. There is no free lunch in this world.

This is a summary of what you would learn from the seminar: -
  1. Areas to examine for any business and areas to improve on for business growth
  2. Basic understanding of Internet terms and jargon
  3. Recommendations of various business ideas to sell on the Internet
  4. Ingredients for success and skills that you need
  5. Guidelines to follow to set up a website
  6. Process to follow to setup an online business
  7. Tools you need for your online business
  8. Importance of copywriting for your sales letter
  9. Power of preselling before product launch
  10. "Always be Marketing!"
  11. Viral marketing system
  12. Basic survival of an online business - traffic and list building
  13. Criteria in selection of joint venture partners
  14. 80/20 principles
  15. Many others ... ...

The 5 elements of success by Napoleon Hill are: -

  • A burning desire
  • Specialised Knowledge
  • Discipline
  • Decisiveness
  • Access to a mastermind team

So what are you waiting for?

Start your route to success by reading

Jay Abraham - Income-Building Home Study System Package (eBook)
This Famous 'Super-Consultant', Who Charges $5,000 an Hour is Offering You His Business Secrets at a Daring 99% Off, and He'll Pay You - If You're Not Made a Believer

Monday, November 13, 2006

LIVE in SG! Stephen Pierce Revealed His Secret Internet Marketing Strategies!!!

News!!! Latest News!!!

Fresh Straight from the "Internet Marketing Stove"!

One of the Internet marketing gurus -- Mr. Stephen Pierce had just recently launched his latest online product in the market. This product will teach you how to succeed in the Internet marketing arena in the shortest time possible and effortlessly. It's guaranteed that you will learn whatever you need to know about Internet marketing in just about 5 hours and also the strategies on how to generate an unbelievable additional income from the Internet.

What most important is that all these successful strategies and techniques have never been revealed before. This is strictly and purely reserved for Stephen's coaching club members who paid thousands of dollars to sign up for his course. This was recorded LIVE from a closed door private mastermind workshop in Singapore. Most importantly, you only need to pay a small fraction of the price in order to access to all these important materials! So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity NOW! Opportunity never knocks on your door twice!!!

Through this program, you will learn :-

  1. Purpose of knowing your desire results and the importance to build your relationships with others who will assist you in succeeding.
  2. 5 ways of earning profits for your business and a MUST have for your business!
  3. 12 profit generation methods that help you to increase your profits exponentially!
  4. Strategy to optimize generating leads for your online business.
  5. Purpose of creating a "smart business design" by identifying gaps in the market.
  6. Different marketing research tools to identify the niche market that you can win in.
  7. F.A.S.T.E.R model to follow so as to maximize your profits and create multiple streams of income.

The list goes on and on ... ... (Not listed down due to space constraints and NOT to make you too overwhelmed.)

If you can't wait to lay your hands on this LIVE video, so that you can start or improve your online business immediately and start earning multiple streams of income, then wait no more!

Please click here to Proceed to Your 1st Step to SUCCESS!

If you are a newbie in the Internet marketing arena and need some introduction of the master himself before you are convinced to make the first move, please continue reading his life story.

Stephen Pierce did not have a very smooth sailing life that we commonly have. He went from being a gangster to one of the most successful marketing consultants in the Internet industry today. When he was young, he was a problem child and he was so violent that his family kicked him out of their apartment. Stephen became wise up when a bullet missed his head and penetrated his thigh. It is still there as a reminder of the mistakes he made as a teenager.

The advice and information that Stephen provides are priceless. He had been through it before and knows what should be done to become successful and attain your dreams. His knowledge about so many areas of life is incredible. Stephen also creates "Fibonacci Secrets," "Amazing Trading Plans," "Rapid Fire Swing Trading," "The Whole Truth," "Smart Pages," and many more. Just do a search on any search engines such as google or yahoo, you can find tons and tons of websites on Stephen Pierce and the products he created. Being an entrepreneur of about 10 years, Mr. Stephen uses optimization strategies on both his business and his life and he can help you get the most out of what you have currently and in your future. This man definitely knows what he is talking about. He practises what he preached! He is worth millions and millions of dollars today and what he earned is through Internet marketing!

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Not convinced?

Below is a short clip of an interview by Stephen Pierce with Morgan Westerman and the topic is Power to Create Profits. Morgan Westerman is the creator of "The Interview with God". I believed that majority of you will not find "The Interview with God" unfamiliar as you should receive "The Interview with God" in your email before. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, successful people will hang out together with one another and learnt from each other. This proved that Stephen Pierce belongs to the elite group of Internet marketers. Unlike those people who claimed that they are successful but no evidence to prove their success.

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Please do not waste any more time thinking about it. Thinking without action is simply a waste of your precious time. As what the PM of Singapore said, "Singapore is going to be the giant hot spot in view of the Internet arena. Therefore the demand for Internet will going to explode both locally and internationally. Some of you may be reserved due to the incident of Internet bubble burst, but those Internet companies failed was because of lack of planning and strategy. They simply jumped onto the boat thinking that it is a lucrative market without much plan. Thus they failed in the end. Having an online business is the same as having a physical business. There is a lot of planning and execution to be done.

Beside benefitting from the program, when you become an user to this accelerated program, you will receive other free gifts as well to assist you in your online business. Presently, it is on an introductory price that helps you to save a lot of $$$. Please grab the chance now as it is unknown when the original price will become effective again.

If you have any enquiries about this program, please drop me an email and I would try my best to answer your questions. Thanks

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